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SEDEVS | Services

Website Development

Creating well functioning websites is literaly why we created Sedevs. Despite most of other website designers we use the latest technologies available out there including React JS, Vue JS and for server side and back-end we profit making use of PHP and Node JS and their frameworks. We give the clients the best performance on their websites and monthly/yearly support on it. As you can notice from portfolio the developed websites are completely built from scratch without using any helpers like wordpress, because they have negative effect on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and performance. Feel free to resize your browser windows to whatever the size you wish, the websites we build in Sedevs are compatible with all devices in all sizes, from mobile to ultra wide desktops. 🎉

Mobile Applications

Nowadays everyone prefer to use apps beside websites because it is there whenever they want!, that's why we have Experienced developers which can deliver mobile applications on 📱both Android and iOS platforms using which you can optimize and grow your maketing enviroment faster.

Logo Designing

Logo is the need of any new startup, if you don't have a logo or you wanna make it shine✨ better, we're here for you!! feel free to send us an order and we will reply immediately

SEO Management

Developers at Sedevs make the website compatible with SEO as much as possible so you don't need to worry about ranking top in google searching.

Website Revamping

Already have a website and want to make it better? totaly fine, we can revamp your website both on designing and server-side integrations so you can get have marketing and top ranking on Google and other search engines as well. Revamoing wesbite will make it totaly customizable so you can even change the smallest pixel on the screen based on you own need!