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Sedevs | About Us

George Asvestas


Entrepreneur for years, with crucial skills on both networks and server administration, is now directing the projects trying to balance the load the developers have to carry.

Hadi Ahmadzadeh

Back-end developer

Experienced in PHP and its frameworks, such as Laravel and Symfony. Building fully Real-Time web applications with Node JS. Linux configuration for all type of websites. Working for more than 3 years in as a Back-End developer.

Saeed Abbasi

Front-end developer

Front-end developer, experienced in web development such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue/Nuxt js, React-Native for more that 2 years.

Habib Shaban

Mobile-app developer

Flutter and Xamarin dev for Android and iOS. Experienced in C# and ASP.Net for more than 3 years, experienced in creating windows and web applications. Knowledged about architectures such as MVC.