SeDevs Refunds


Refunds Policy

Standard Refund Policy

SeDevs run a strict NO refunds policy to which all customers automatically agree to when ordering download products from our website, non tangible items such as download scripts, applications, templates and add on's are all non refundable because you have INSTANT access to these products after making payments through paypal which means you can download them directly after payment and we have no way of stopping you from using the download products.

SeDevs download products, scripts, templates and plugins are all non tangible items to which we have no protection against you downloading them prior to trying to make a paypal claim to gain a refund from us.

In the even that a download script, template, plugin or app has errors or bugs we will work hard to resolve this issue prior to discussing with the customer in offering a refund, in this event we will consider refunding an item.

In the event that you have downloaded scripts, templates, plugins and apps from us to which you have had full access and opportunity to download them to your PC before making a refund claim, we will ask that paypal deal with the dispute and not us, we will not make communication with you through paypal and will simply upgrade the claim to allow paypal to make the decision.

Paypal's decision is final and whichever way Paypal decide to handle the dispute will be final and classed as case closed. All customers purchasing from the SeDevs website agree to the above REFUND POLICY terms when you purchase any download script, template, theme, plugin or application form us.

Our Refund Policy is Final Under All Circumstances