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Top ~ $99

Top is a metro header bar that is a beautiful user menu area featuring pure CSS3 drop down menus and streamlined flat icons. This plugin goes well with the Responsive plugin and the header plugin from SE Devs but is not necessary just to have this beautiful header docked on top of your network.

With two menus that extend down to reveal useful menus. Now you can choose to remove or keep your other menus. And coming soon is also a notifications area.

This plugin will beautify your Social Network with ease and the drag and drop of a SocialEngine widget. Get the best and most beautiful plugins for your social network, only from SE Devs. Multiple colors coming soon!
[CSS3 & Fully Responsive in Design]


Header ~ $40

Do you want a beautiful, minimal & fully responsive header? Then just drag and drop this widget right into your collection!

Make your theme's header a lot more modern with this Header plugin. This fixes any theme's header to display correctly on any screen instead of being out of place, confusing site visitors. Check out the screen shots for more details! :)

[CSS3 & Fully Responsive in Design]


RootMenu ~ $50

Are you tired of stock SocialEngine menus? Then you are definitely going to love this brand new plugin!

RootMenu is a beautiful pure CSS3 drop down menu that not only looks awesome, but is also minimal & lightweight in design for maximum efficiency. Give your site just what it needs with this menu that is docked on the right side of your header.

Fixed or not fixed positioning. This plugin works on any SocialEngine theme.
[CSS3 & Fully Responsive in Design]


Responsive ~ $38

Do you want a Clean, Flexible, fully responsive and retina ready Social Engine theme without ruining the one you've already got? Are you happy with your SocialEngine theme, but want it to be fully responsive? Then this lightweight & simple in design plugin is just for you!

We provide a smart and well hand crafted environment that allows you to serve outstanding communities with a streamlined fully responsive design. Check out our screenshots that show off our demo site!

There is no limit to what you can accomplish using our Responsive Theme. Modify your network's theme without ruining your current design. All of our plugins are ALWAYS responsive in design!

[Fully Responsive in Design]


Splash Page ~ $65

Enhance your site with a Splash Page that will not only encourage Sign Ups for your community but also give it a refreshing look and feel to your Splash Page design. Present your content professionally to give your users a reason to keep coming back.

This widget enables you to provide a custom coded minimalist introduction page to your users and heavily encourages Sign Ups.
[Includes Facebook & Twitter Meta Data!!!]

PushMenu ~ $45

Now, there's finally a Push Menu for mobile and desktop! , but never before has there been a sidebar menu that pushes out to display your user's most important places on your social network. Be the first to have one before Facebook!!! Do you want a user menu that drops down and pushes out from the side? Get the PushMenu plugin right now!

What's New: This menu has been updated to only show icons and links to the plugins you have enabled/installed.
[Includes Metro Icons & CSS3 Transition Effects]


Search Tab provides an advanced search widget so you can search your site from where you want to instead of in the header only. Place this widget tab anywhere you want to search your site from. Matches any theme. Simple and minimalist minded people will love how easy this search widget is to use and how the suggested search text invites the users to use.

[Drag & Drop widget, Cross Theme Compatible, Minimal Design]


SlideShare is the easiest way to create organic social traffic. Help spread the announcement of your social network with SlideShare.

Includes Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter share buttons that are revealed by sliding tabs when you hover over them.
[Drag & Drop widget, Cross Theme Compatible, Minimal Design]


This metro styled menu is the best way to present your site's functions and can be styled to fit your theme. Metro Menu is optimized with CSS3 transition effects, so when you interact with the menu, the menu responds. Impress your users & increase content with this menu. With this plugin, your users will stay interested in sharing all types of new content.

This menu is a simple navigation sidebar that presents your network's content in a fun and friendly way to your users. The menu's HTML is compressed, easily customizable and can be themed in any colour to match your design. Just ask us about our style options so we can help you streamline your theme's design.
[features SearchTab widget]


Looking for a nice app that looks very professional? Well then you've come to the right place! We specialize in making Android apps! Present your community with a native Android app and go mobile. Your competitors are going mobile, and so should you! You're not going find this deal anywhere else!

[Includes Mobile Site Optimization + Play Store App Hosting + App Store Descriptions & Photos + App Icon!!]

View Our Demo App!


First impressions are the most important and HomePage is the best way to present your content to users on their first and return visit to your social network. Give your SocialEngine a beautiful introduction page with this HomePage widget. This widget enables you to provide a custom coded minimalist introduction page to your users.

[Includes Facebook & Twitter Meta Data!!!]

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