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How This Works

Be sure you enter a valid email address in the info, answer these 10 questions, then click the submit button to receive your business plan!

When you're done and you click the submit button, a copy of the questions and the answers of your plan you've entered into the form are securely and privately sent to the email address you've entered.

All of the info asked for on this form is just for you, and whomever you want to read your business plan so they can call you and contact you in case they have an opportunity for you after reading your plan!

Just answer the questions as easily as possible for now, you can always fix the answers later, the important part is answering these questions to help start building your business plan.

To succeed in business, you absolutely need a business plan, so start building your plan right now!

Write A Business Plan

Answer all questions with minimal text. If you use too much detail, investors will not read your plan. Answer so simply that a child could describe it.

1) Describe product/service

2) What makes it different/better & what problem does it solve?

3) How large is the market, how fast is this market growing, who is your competition?

4) How do you make money? (Ads, Subscriptions, etc.)

5) Who manages your product/service and why are they qualified?

6) What is the business strategy? What will this business accomplish in 3, 6, 9 & 12 months from now?

7) How do you market this? Do you have to educate consumers or does it sell itself? How?

8) What are your start up costs? How much capital do you need to start?

9) What are your numbers? What will the 1st, 2nd & 3rd years of costs & income be? And when do you become profitable?

10) Are you looking for an investor? If so, what is the company valuation? How much equity will you give up, and for how much $?

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