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Chance Trahan


About Chance

Chance is an excellent coder, programmer, designer & producer. He likes to ride BMX, skateboards, playing guitar & singing, and spending quality time with his family.

Craig Brittain


Some facts about Craig

Craig is a corporate tycoon. He likes singing and is an avid fan of metal music. He also likes swimming, working out, playing World of Warcraft, and playing keyboards.

Victor DelPrado


About Victor

Victor is our youngest professional developer at SeDevs. He likes to develop innovative designs and futuristic themes. Victor is happiest developing scripts for institutions.

Sean Bolton


Some facts about Sean

Sean helped build the foundation for SeDevs. He enjoys playing pool in a professional league and favours competing in Las Vegas championships. Sean loves playing Final Fantasy on his PS4.

Ashley Trahan

Customer Service

Some facts about Ashley

Ashley helps keep us sane, her customer service is second to none. Ashley listens to music and is finishing her bachelors degree and spends time hiking & exploring the outdoors.

Niyigena Gildas

Creative Design

Some facts about Niyigena

Gil is one of our coolest designers. He loves painting, surfing the web, watching movies & is also an outstanding member of the environmental activities group 'Various Climate Actions Clubs.'

Certified Developer


Our developers are certified and come with an excellent set of standards and a background that qualifies them as highly skilled, team player oriented developers that are dedicated to providing you with the best experience with innovative web designs and several internet related services. Even our customer service representatives are committed to helping you develop the most well crafted websites possible and come highly recommended by several communities of elite developers. The pros agree, SeDevs is the best in internet related support, repair, hosting, and design.

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VPS Hosting

Get VPS hosting for your website at a rate that you can afford! You will receive your own cPanel/FTP at a flat monthly rate that you're going to love and we have several options for you to choose from! Secure private hosting plans start at only $39 a month! What if I told you that it is DDoS protected too? I figured you'd love that. Contact us now and we'll get you started right away.


Splash Page ~ $65

Enhance your site with a Splash Page that will not only encourage Sign Ups for your community but also give it a refreshing look and feel to your Splash Page design. Present your content professionally to give your users a reason to keep coming back.

This widget enables you to provide a custom coded minimalist introduction page to your users and heavily encourages Sign Ups.
[Includes Facebook & Twitter Meta Data!!!]

PushMenu ~ $45

Now, there's finally a Push Menu for mobile and desktop! , but never before has there been a sidebar menu that pushes out to display your user's most important places on your social network. Be the first to have one before Facebook!!! Do you want a user menu that drops down and pushes out from the side? Get the PushMenu plugin right now!

What's New: This menu has been updated to only show icons and links to the plugins you have enabled/installed.
[Includes Metro Icons & CSS3 Transition Effects]


Search Tab provides an advanced search widget so you can search your site from where you want to instead of in the header only. Place this widget tab anywhere you want to search your site from. Matches any theme. Simple and minimalist minded people will love how easy this search widget is to use and how the suggested search text invites the users to use.

[Drag & Drop widget, Cross Theme Compatible, Minimal Design]


SlideShare is the easiest way to create organic social traffic. Help spread the announcement of your social network with SlideShare.

Includes Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter share buttons that are revealed by sliding tabs when you hover over them.
[Drag & Drop widget, Cross Theme Compatible, Minimal Design]


This metro styled menu is the best way to present your site's functions and can be styled to fit your theme. Metro Menu is optimized with CSS3 transition effects, so when you interact with the menu, the menu responds. Impress your users & increase content with this menu. With this plugin, your users will stay interested in sharing all types of new content.

This menu is a simple navigation sidebar that presents your network's content in a fun and friendly way to your users. The menu's HTML is compressed, easily customizable and can be themed in any colour to match your design. Just ask us about our style options so we can help you streamline your theme's design.
[features SearchTab widget]


Looking for a nice app that looks very professional? Well then you've come to the right place! We specialize in making Android apps! Present your community with a native Android app and go mobile. Your competitors are going mobile, and so should you! You're not going find this deal anywhere else!

[Includes Mobile Site Optimization + Play Store App Hosting + App Store Descriptions & Photos + App Icon!!]

View Our Demo App!


First impressions are the most important and HomePage is the best way to present your content to users on their first and return visit to your social network. Give your SocialEngine a beautiful introduction page with this HomePage widget. This widget enables you to provide a custom coded minimalist introduction page to your users.

[Includes Facebook & Twitter Meta Data!!!]


Spend $70 and get a free iPhone & Android app of your own with our SeDevs Customer Exclusive Application Creation Station tutorial. Do you want applications, but you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for something that you can just do yourself? Well, now you can give their high prices the cold shoulder and make Android and iPhone mobile apps of your own!


Theme Design ~ $225

We will style your site's theme's and can be style any part of your site to fit your theme. All of our coding is optimized and we style in CSS3 regulated coding only so your site always feels new, and up-to-date. Impress your community & increase user interactivity with our streamlined designs. With our CSS specialists, your users will stay interested in your community and will feel inspired to post new content.

We will also custom design widgets for your sidebar that represents your network in a professional and user-friendly way that will impress your friends. Our edits to your HTML and CSS are compressed, easily customizable and will be styled to perfectly match your design. Have us streamline your theme's design.
[This is how to get an edge over your competition]